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Willkommen beim planungsbüro bauen and energie

Welcome to the planning office building and energy

The office was founded in 1954 by Hugo Pongs, Architect. The office is managed since 2000 by Jan Pongs, Graduate Engineer Architect. The location of the office is Monchengladbach, west of the Rhine between Dusseldorf and the dutch town of Roermond. The office is a member of the Chamber of Architects North Rhine-Westphalia. The focus of the office is the renovation of old houses, the energy consulting for houses (including energy certificate), renewable energies, the Thermography and moulds consulting.

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The focus of this website is Thermography.

What is Thermography?

Any heat energy is transferred by three kinds: heat conduction, convection and radiation. The Thermography makes heat radiation of buildings (or other objects) visible.

Any heat of a building is lead through the wall to the outer skin where it is finally radiated. This infrared radiation (heat radiation) can be made visible by thermographic cameras, to see in how cood condition the thermal insulation is.

Main season for thermographic pictures in Germany is the winter time, i.e. the temperature differences between the inner parts of the building and the outer skin are at least 20 degrees. Additionally the building shouldn´t be exposed to direct sunlight some hours ago, because then the exposed walls might look much warmer than they actually should.

Only about 30 nights a year have good conditions in the Lower Rhine region for the thermography of houses.

The multicolored pictures of thermographic images are generated by software to make even slight temperature differences visible.

Thermographic cameras are still quite expensive, the still cost as much as an brand new car, there are only three producers of bolometric (i.e. thermal radiation sensitive-) detectors / chips worldwide, used in all cameras. Also some materials in these cameras are quite expensive.

Mould in a flat                                             Mould in a flat                                               Heat radiation: a hot cup of tea

thermal imaging of a cow                        thermal imaging of a dpnkey                   poor thermal insulation: Radiator under the window

Damp Wall                                                  Good and poor insulation                       Heat Raditor     


more thermographic pictures of houses , on the road , various images and animals 

Information about the energy-certificate

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